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Business / Corporate

We offer a wide array of services to our business clients.  Whether you are starting up a new business and need to decide on the best business form, require assistance with issues related to the day to day governance of your business, or you are interested in buying or selling a business, we can help.

In determining the appropriate form for your business, there are several structures from which a start-up can choose, be it a simple sole proprietorship doing business under a trade name to a corporation with multiple shareholders.  Each business type offers specific advantages and disadvantages in relation to the others, and to the type of business.  We can help you navigate through the various options and to choose the best structure for your business and for you.

Our experience in employment matters allows us to assist you in formulating the day to day policies of your business, with the aim of minimizing your exposure as a business owner to the legal risks that are inherent in today’s business climate.  We have assisted businesses to draft policies for corporate governance, corporate resolutions, and in special circumstances, we have assisted with internal investigations.

Note: Every case is unique and is dependent upon the facts and law involved. Success in one case does not guarantee a similar outcome in another matter.