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Employment Law

Employers and employees alike are subject to a complicated number of state and federal statutes that govern the employee-employer relationship.  These statutes provide the legal framework for hiring and firing, compensation and benefits, harassment and discrimination, and workplace safety.

This firm has represented both employees and employers with respect to employment matters.  We provide counsel to employers relative to their legal obligations to employees, employee handbooks and employment contracts.  We also provide counsel to employees who have suffered discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or who have been wrongfully terminated.

* After a disabled employee attempted to return to work with job modifications and was fired, in a case filed in the Attorney General’s office, we successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of the employee.

* Through mediation, the case of 3 employees asserting claims of racial discrimination was settled.

* In a case of wrongful termination of employment, we successfully represented the prevailing party on appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court.

* In a federal court case of wrongful interference with an employment contract, we successfully represented the prevailing party when the case was appealed to the United States Court of Appeals.

Note: Every case is unique and is dependent upon the facts and law involved. Success in one case does not guarantee a similar outcome in another matter.