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Personal Injury

As the expression goes, “accidents happen.” And sometimes when accidents happen, people are hurt. Personal injury law seeks to compensate people injured by the negligent or intentional conduct of others, thereby making society as a whole safer for everyone.  We have many years of experience helping individuals recover damages for injuries they have suffered from the acts of others. We are skilled negotiators who have worked with defense attorneys as well as insurance adjusters to obtain fair settlements to our clients’ claims. In the event your case does not settle, we are experienced trial lawyers who will zealously represent you in court before a jury.

We provide free consultations to individuals in personal injury matters, and do not collect any attorney’s fees if we do not achieve a settlement or verdict in your favor.

* Your car is rear-ended while you are stopped at a traffic light. Easy case, right? Not so fast. Insurance company adjusters work day in and day out to limit what they will pay on such claims. We also work day in and day out on such cases. The difference is that we work for you!

* If you are in an accident, the last thing you want to learn is that the other driver has little, or perhaps no insurance. Did you know that your own insurance may then have to step in and pay damages for which the uninsured driver may otherwise have been responsible?

* Accident victims are often told by insurance companies that little compensation, or perhaps none at all, will be paid because of a prior neck or back injury. The fact is that just compensation is due to each of those individuals. We vigorously fight to ensure that it is received.

* In a multiple vehicle accident, it is crucial to identify who is at fault. We have assisted many clients to identify the responsible party or parties, ensuring that their claim to compensation is not lost forever.

* When a local restaurant served bad eggs on their salads, it sickened many, including one who became our client. The resulting illness prevented participation in family, recreational and work-related activities. We negotiated just compensation for his hardships.

Note: Every case is unique and is dependent upon the facts and law involved. Success in one case does not guarantee a similar outcome in another matter.