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This firm will work hard to settle your legal issues without the need for time-consuming and expensive litigation. However, in the event that settlement is not possible, we are experienced trial litigators who will represent you in court.

Litigation is a complex, detailed and often stressful process. It involves lengthy investigation and fact-gathering phases, and the filing of numerous documents before your case comes to court. We have extensive experience navigating this system to ensure that your case is properly presented in a timely manner and that your legal rights are protected. We take the time to explain the process to you so that you understand and know what to expect, every step along the way. This reduces the anxiety that often accompanies the litigation process, and enables you to make informed decisions as your case progresses.

We have achieved favorable results for many clients in both state and federal trial courts, as well as on appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court and the Federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

* We successfully represented a defendant employee threatened with fines and adverse immigration actions that were based on an illegal employment contract.

* We successfully represented a client in a cross-border dispute which involved questions of jurisdiction, both at the trial court level, and in the appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court.

* We have successfully represented many plaintiffs in personal injury actions which have resulted in the award of damages for medical expenses and lost earnings, as well as pain and suffering.

Note: Every case is unique and is dependent upon the facts and law involved. Success in one case does not guarantee a similar outcome in another matter.