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Workers’ Compensation

Vermont’s workers’ compensation laws provide that workers injured in the course of their employment are entitled to have their medical expenses covered, to receive wage replacement benefits, and, in appropriate cases, to receive re-training to enable them to return to the workforce, and to receive a monetary award for permanent impairments caused by their work injury.

We have extensive experience representing injured workers and obtaining the benefits to which they are entitled by law. We offer free consultations to individuals to assess their claims.

* When an injured worker came to us with unpaid medical bills, we got those bills paid. We also identified that compensation had never been paid for the permanent injury and, as a result of our efforts, the client received an award of thousands of dollars.

* After our intervention, our client received weekly wage benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and a permanent disability award in a case where the employer had originally denied that the injury had even occurred at work.

* A client denied surgery by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier was able to have the surgery and realize significant pain relief after our successful advocacy.

* We have corrected insurance company calculations of our clients’ compensation rates, resulting in the recovery of thousands of dollars for our clients.

* Our knowledge of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment resulted in our client receiving a 50% increase in his award.

* We have assisted injured workers with obtaining college degrees after work-related injuries left them unable to perform the physical work they had done prior to their injuries.

Note: Every case is unique and is dependent upon the facts and law involved. Success in one case does not guarantee a similar outcome in another matter.